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We advise all prospective choristers and their parents to read the Singer/Family Handbook with attendance guidelines and other important information below before arranging for an audition. Click here to review the Handbook.

Auditions are open to any boy or girl in grade 3 – 12 who has an interest in choral singing and music. The WSYC’s Artistic Director personally conducts each group audition in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, and assists children through the audition process as needed. An audition takes about 20-30 minutes, and includes basic techniques such as scale singing, pitch matching, and singing a verse or two of a prepared piece acappella (such as Happy Birthday, The Star Spangled Banner, or any song that the singer wishes to perform).

Auditions are normally held three times per year (in May, July or August and December) by appointment only. The WSYC is dedicated to the highest artistic standards. To help maintain these standards, all choristers are re-evaluated annually for overall progress and to determine ensemble re-enrollment or promotion.

Chorus Membership

Being a member of the WSYC means participating in the fun of making music. It also means accepting the responsibilities that go along with being a member of a renowned choral group. Successful chorus participation demands more than musical skill and artistry. It requires commitment, dedication, and a strong sense of personal responsibility.

Attendance Guidelines Overview

Consistent, on-time attendance is the number one responsibility of WSYC members! We expect our choristers to be on time and present at all rehearsals (a certain number of absences are permitted per ensemble), performances, and special events throughout the program year.

Absences interfere with the individual chorister’s ability to progress and undermine the musical integrity of the Chorus. Therefore, choristers who do not  meet WSYC’s standards for attendance and punctuality may not be allowed to continue.

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